W1S1 [ˈkʌmpəni] n plural companies
2¦(other people)¦
6 be in good company
8 somebody and company
10 two's company, three's a crowd
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: compagnie, from compain 'companion', from Late Latin companio; COMPANION]
1.) ¦(BUSINESS)¦ [C also + plural verb British English]
a business organization that makes or sells goods or services
= ↑business, firm ↑firm
Which company do you work for?
The company are hoping to expand their operations abroad.
In ten years, Jeff went from working in the mailroom to running the company .
The company was set up just after the war.
Insurance companies say they investigated 43,000 cases of fraud last year.
I called the phone company about the bill.
an independent record company
a multinational company specializing in sports equipment
a final draft of the company policy on the use of email for private purposes
Once again, company directors have awarded themselves a massive pay increase.
when you are with other people and not alone
The two men enjoy each other's company .
Rita's husband is away for the week, so I thought I'd go over and keep her company (=be with her so that she doesn't feel lonely) .
Come over for dinner - I could use the company (=would like to be with people) .
James is good company (=a cheerful person who is enjoyable to be with) .
as company
Bessie was glad to have the dog as company.
in sb's company
(=with someone)
I felt nervous in the company of such an important man.
in company with sb
(=together with another person or group)
He's performing in company with saxophonist Ernie Watts.
3.) ¦(GUESTS)¦[U]
people who are visiting you in your home
It looks like the Hammills have company .
We're expecting company this evening.
4.) ¦(FRIENDS)¦[U]
your friends or the group of people you spend time with
People judge you by the company you keep (=the people you spend time with) .
Things began to go wrong when he got into bad company .
a group of actors, dancers, or singers who work together
a theatre company
a touring company
the Kirov Ballet Company
6.) be in good company
used to tell someone who has made a mistake that they should not be embarrassed because some important or respected people have made the same mistake
If you can't program the video recorder, you're in good company.
7.) ¦(GROUP)¦[U] formal
a group of people who are together in the same place, often for a particular purpose or for social reasons
He glanced around at the assembled company .
Some jokes are just not appropriate to tell in mixed company (=in a group of both men and women) .
in company
(=when surrounded by other people, especially at a social occasion)
Parents should teach their children how to behave in company.
8.) sb and company informal
used after a person's name to mean that person and their friends
This has not stopped Senator Biden and company from trying to make it an issue in the election.
9.) ¦(ARMY)¦
a group of about 120 soldiers who are usually part of a larger group
10.) two's company, three's a crowd
used to suggest that two people would rather be alone together than have other people with them
part company atpart2 (4), present company excepted atpresent1 (7)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
run a company
set up/start a company
join a company (=become an employee)
a company goes bust/bankrupt (=stops doing business because it has lost too much money)
record/oil/insurance/phone etc company
multinational company (=one that has offices in different countries)
company policy
company director/executive
WORD FOCUS: company
similar words: firm, business
a big company: corporation, multinational, conglomerate
an Internet company: dot-com
a company that is owned by a larger company: subsidiary, affiliate
abbreviations used in company names: Ltd (=Limited)
Co. (=Company)
Corp. (=Corporation)
PLC (=Public Limited Company) (BrE), Pty. (=Proprietary) (used in Australia and South Africa)
See also: start-up3

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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